To say that the book publishing world is complex and hard to navigate is an understatement. If you have written a book, or are writing a book for the first time, and are trying to find the information you need to publish your book, it will at times seem overwhelming.

As with any industry, there are partnerships between service providers and suppliers and in most cases, it will always incur a fee. Just because someone has provided a service for a long time, doesn’t mean that they are a good fit for you.

Too often authors tell us, that the fees which they have incurred and the return on their sales through third-party websites, has meant that they have earn nothing from the sales of their books and in many instance have lost money, until now.

Authors, publishers and the like have formed a group to represent authors honestly and best tell them about how to get an outcome, where the author receives the majority of the money when their books are sold. If you would like to contact a representative please use the contact form which we have provided. Please note that “The Book Printing Company” does not have a financial investment in this entity, however, we strongly support any entity which supports authors in a fair an unbiased way. Contact Form