Internal Page Margins

Text page margins can alter depending on the number of pages in your book. As a general rule though, the following mirrored margins will ensure proper reproduction of your publication. A top margin of 1.5cm, an internal margin of 2cm to allow for binding, a bottom of 2cm to allow additional space for page numbering and an External margin of 1.5cm to allow for trim.

Spine & Bleed Settings

Cover Design

Artwork for the front and back cover must be supplied as a two page spread inclusive of the spine for both the front and back cover. Spine widths differ depending on the thickness of your book. The text stock, cover thickness and the number of pages in the book influence the thickness of your book. To work out your spine width based on our premium papers please use the spine width calculator below. Perfect binding requires a clean non image area on the inside cover so that the glue can adhere to the cover stock. The internal spine area and an additional 5mm on either side of the spine must be image free. Please keep in mind that the binding process can have a variance of up to 1mm, therefore, we strongly advise that your artwork is not designed to line up flush with the spine. The preferred design would be that the front, spine and back cover are a continuous image across the spread. If this is not possible, a spine colour which blends into the cover design will reduce the look of movement.

Bleed & Trim Margins

Bleed for your cover is also essential. For all images which go to the edge of the finished cover size, 3mm external bleed is required. To ensure that important content is not guillotined off, please allow for an internal bleed margin of 3mm also.