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Basically Comic Book printing is another aspect of general printing. The usual stock for comic books is 90gsm to 100gsm uncoated stock, whilst the cover can be the same as the text stock or slightly higher such as 128gsm or 150gsm coated stocks. Occasionally a heavier stock can be used especially if perfect binding is required. The binding methods can be either saddle stitching (under 48 pages) or perfect binding for books whch are over 48 pages. 

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Why wait for someone to email you back with a quotation, when our instant calculator below will give you an immediate quotation and your order can be placed today. Utilising the drop-down menus you get to choose paper types, colour and the binding methods that you prefer. Once you have selected the parameters for your books, you will then be asked to upload your working files. A reply email address is essential so that we can arrange a digital proof of your job for pre press approval. Once approved, your books will go into our production schedule. In most cases your book will be completed with 5-10 working days. If for any reason you require your order within a shorter time-frame, please send us a message through our contact form before placing your order. If your desired size, paper stock or quantity isn't available please fill out the contact form and we will get back to as soon as possible. A Dedicated Team of professionals will work with you through the final stage of production if your not sure about the next stage. Our simple book cost calculator will enable you to control the format, size, and production cost of your books.

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Frequently Asked Questions

My book size is not listed in your calculator
In most instances you can use the book size which is slightly larger than your book. Landscape books, however, could require a custom quotation.
How long until I get my books
Our standard production time is between 10-15 working days.
Can you resize my Book?
Unfortunately, resizing your content can be problematic. We can recommend content specialists to assist you.