Hardcover book printing Australia

The Book Printing Company produces high quality Hard Cover Books at an affordable cost, without sacrificing the quality of the finished product. Case binding has a number of requirements to ensure that your finished book looks professional.

With Case or hard cover book binding, the process involves the gluing or stitching together of the book’s internal pages and the creation of a hard or book case which is then attached to the book block and secured with end papers. Case binding is suitable for Trade paperbacks which includes fiction novels, Non Fiction Novels, Childrens books, Family History, Cook Books, Magazines, Annual Reports and Technical or Training manuals.

Case and Perfect Binding Bleed settings




  Top of page



  Bottom of page



  Binding Edge



  Forage edge (the edge opposite the binding edge)



Case and Perfect Binding Internal Page Margins

Page margins for perfect binding are required for structural purposes. Aside from the 7-10mm lay-flat or gutter margin, you will need to allow for an additional margin area to ensure an easy read. An additional 1.5 to 2cm will ensure that anyone reading your book will not need to force the spine flat to read the content on the binding edge of your book. Regarding double page spreads or simply put, an image that goes over two pages, the margins required are not an exact science. If you wish to have DPS in your book, please consider the content and ensure that no vital information is within 7-10mm on the binding edge when placing images.

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