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Has the digital age totally dismissed Photo books?

The best way and most favourable way to tell a story is through pictures. Some of our fondest memories are preserved in a photo book, however, current times steers us away from physical photo books. We currently live in a time where the digital world has become a predominant part of our everyday life. From posting a picture on Facebook to telling a story through images on Instagram. In 2014 alone 1.8 billion digital images were uploaded every single day. It is questionable as to whether we will continue to connect with others and reflect on life through digital mediums or whether we’ll divert back to our ancestral ways of creating stories through photo books. A photo book creates a visual handle that includes a warm sensation that captures your attention in ways that digital photos cannot. So how do we preserve this warm sensation in a nation obsessed with the digital world? The answer to that is a photo book.

A photo book is a great way of preserving our memories in a personal and comforting way, it holds a far stronger connection compared to making an upload onto Facebooks. This form of presenting our photos stems as far back as back as the 1800’s where photo books were simply put together with scissors and glue, and some annotation and comments for a closer understanding of the story behind the image. As time has passed by we have evolved from cutting and sticking images in our desired book to hiring a professional to carefully craft our photographic story.

The process involved in making a photo book can be very time-consuming especially if you want it to be presentable to family and friends. The process involves carefully selecting and arranging the pictures pleasantly over the pages of a previously bought photo book. Today there are photo book professionals that are able to directly print and bind a nice photo book from a selected set of images. The creation of a photo book takes, time and thought, it is a simple yet effective way of silently telling your story to those ready to listen. The number of people taking time to tell photographic stories is increasing, however the acknowledgement of photo books still remain forgotten. The real question at stake is how are you going to present your images to your next generation?

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