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Minimum page quantities for Case binding

To achieve a quality binding job, the following minimum number of internal pages are required for the stocks offered in our calculator. If you have a page count less than required with your desired stock, a thicker stock can be utilised or an alternative binding method must be used.

80gsm uncoated no less than 54 pages (27 Sheets of paper)
90gsm uncoated no less than 46 pages (23 Sheets of paper)
100gsm uncoated no less than 41 pages (21 Sheets of paper)
120gsm uncoated no less than 34 pages (17 Sheets of paper)
115gsm coated no less than 50 pages (25 Sheets of paper)
128gsm coated no less than 44 pages (22 Sheets of paper)
150gsm coated no less than 36 pages (18 Sheets of paper)
170gsm coated no less than 32 pages (16 Sheets of paper)
80gsm Revive no less than 42 pages (21 Sheets of paper)
100gsm Revive no less than 38 pages (19 Sheets of paper)
135gsm Revive no less than 28 pages (14 Sheets of paper)


To assess the quality of your images and content before placing an order, we can produce an unbound proof copy of your manuscript. You will receive an unbound proof of your internal text and a copy of your cover art. This service is available for all book sizes offered in our calculators. For covers which are outside of our standard sizes, we can arrange a digital proof only, to be sent to you for inspection. To order your unbound proof, please use this link. PROOF COPY


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Case Binding Cover design

For exact cover and spine width calculations please use our Cover and spine width calculator. More

Case binding covers must be designed and supplied as per the below specifications. If you are not experienced with hard cover design, the services of an experienced graphic designer should be considered. When considering a Graphic designer, please ensure that they have had experience in Book and Cover design for print and not just E-Books.

For a case to fit your book accurately, your cover must be 8mm taller and 6mm wider than your internal text pages. On top of that you must include an additional 25mm bleed, this is called turn in. The 25mm bleed or turn in as it is often referred to, must include 15mm of the image or background colour used for your cover design. The leftover 10mm is covered by the end papers and therefore does not require any image or background colour.

Spine widths differ depending on the thickness of your book. The text stock, cover thickness and the number of pages in the book influence the thickness of your book.

Please keep in mind that the binding process can have a variance of up to 1mm, therefore, we strongly advise that your artwork is not designed to line up flush with the spine. The preferred design would be that the front, spine and back cover are a continuous image across the spread. If this is not possible, a spine colour which blends into the cover design will reduce the look of movement.



Case Binding Mini Checklist

Please read the following to ensure that case binding meets your requirements.

Spine Width

Case binding requires a minimum spine width of 4mm. For the best results a minimum spine width of 4.5 - 5mm is advised. Please refer to spine width calculator

Spine width calculator

Binding Margins

To ensure that you get the best results, an internal margin on the binding side needs an additional 10mm more than the external margins.

Cover Artwork

Please ensure that your cover artwork includes a spine area.