Saddle Stitching
Saddle stitching is one of the cheapest binding options for books and magazines under 48 pages. You can print the cover on the same paper as the rest of the booklet or the cover can be printed on heavier stock if you prefer. Saddle stitching is suitable for brochures, booklets and newsletters.
Please keep in mind when designing your books for saddle stitching that you consider the following; Page counts must be in increments of four pages When the book is folded in half and stitched on the spine the pages at the centre of the document will stick out further than the cover / external pages. To tidy up the book the front edge is trimmed off which is called a forage trim. Be mindful that when the book is trimmed, components such as page numbers, images and text could be trimmed off if this is not taken into consideration when you are designing the document.

Saddle Stitched Books

Saddle stitching is suitable for books with 48 internal pages and under. Our online paper sizes are based on industry standards. If the size you require is not included in our calculator, please email us at

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Please note: Gloss celloglaze does highlight imperfections such as fingerprints, scratches and scuff marks compared to matt celloglaze.
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If you dont know how to set up bleed and trim. Let us help. Please note that resubmission of artwork after a proof has been sent due to Author error, will incur a fee.

The cost includes standard road freight delivery within Australia. For any questions relating to information not covered in our basic calculator, please contact us via our contact form.

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Saddle stitching is suitable for books 48 internal pages and under. Please note that the widest page size for saddle stitched books is 216mm Landscape.


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Saddle Stitching

Saddle stitching is used widely for small booklet, magazines and comic books