Which paper is best for my Book?

Uncoated paper is a popular choice for book printing as it offers a natural, matte finish and is more porous than coated paper, allowing for better ink absorption. When choosing the right paper type and thickness for a book, several factors should be considered, including the book's genre, the intended audience, and the printing method.

A thinner uncoated paper is typically used for novels, memoirs, and other text-heavy books, ranging from 80gsm to 100gsm. This allows for easy readability and helps to keep the book lightweight and portable. However, a lighter 113-115gsm satin-coated stock can add a level of sophistication to a book's appearance. For books intended for extended reading, such as novels, the paper should also be acid-free to prevent yellowing and deterioration over time.

For children's books, thicker uncoated 120gsm to 140gsm or alternately a coated paper between 128gsm to 170gsm could be used to withstand the wear and tear of young readers. The paper should also hold up to colourful illustrations and bold text, making it suitable for picture books and early readers.

Coated paper ranging from 128gsm up to 150gsm is typically used for art, photography, and other visual-heavy books. This paper type allows for high-quality reproduction of images and colours and provides a luxurious feel to the reader.